Why 3D Printer Products are Growing in Popularity

3D printing and 3D printer products have been all the rage in 2013. People have used them to create replacement car parts, home décor, customized jewelry, gifts and anything and everything in between. One dad even used 3D printing to create a prosthetic hand for his son!

Why are 3D printer products becoming so popular? Here are just a few reasons:

They’re fast. A 3D printer can create products in a fraction of the time it takes traditional manufacturing methods. There’s no labor involved, no heavy machinery is required and you don’t even need a manufacturing facility. You just need one 3D printer, and you’re ready to go.
They’re easy. Manufacturing products is easy with a 3D printer. All you need is a computer-aided design (CAD) of the item, and you’re ready to start printing. If you own the 3D printer, just upload the design to it, ensure it’s stocked full of materials and watch your product created right before your eyes. Otherwise, you could print your product using a 3D printer service.
They’re affordable. 3D printers cut out a significant portion of costs when compared with most manufacturing methods. There’s no labor to pay, no high electricity bills and no costly waste disposal or transport fees. In the end, this means huge savings for you.
They’re great for business. 3D printer products can provide a lot of value in the business world. They can be used to test and prototype new products, produce short-run items and even create small-scale models and sales tools.
They’re great for at-home use. Anyone in the world is free to buy a 3D printer and create their own jewelry, home décor, replacement parts and items for use in everyday life. You can even start a home-based business with your unique 3D printer creations.

Still not sure why 3D printer products are so popular? See for yourself. Come join the Kraftwurx online printing community, and bring your ideas to life today.


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