Why 3D Printer Products are Growing in Popularity

3D printing and 3D printer products have been all the rage in 2013. People have used them to create replacement car parts, home décor, customized jewelry, gifts and anything and everything in between. One dad even used 3D printing to create a prosthetic hand for his son!

Why are 3D printer products becoming so popular? Here are just a few reasons:

They’re fast. A 3D printer can create products in a fraction of the time it takes traditional manufacturing methods. There’s no labor involved, no heavy machinery is required and you don’t even need a manufacturing facility. You just need one 3D printer, and you’re ready to go.
They’re easy. Manufacturing products is easy with a 3D printer. All you need is a computer-aided design (CAD) of the item, and you’re ready to start printing. If you own the 3D printer, just upload the design to it, ensure it’s stocked full of materials and watch your product created right before your eyes. Otherwise, you could print your product using a 3D printer service.
They’re affordable. 3D printers cut out a significant portion of costs when compared with most manufacturing methods. There’s no labor to pay, no high electricity bills and no costly waste disposal or transport fees. In the end, this means huge savings for you.
They’re great for business. 3D printer products can provide a lot of value in the business world. They can be used to test and prototype new products, produce short-run items and even create small-scale models and sales tools.
They’re great for at-home use. Anyone in the world is free to buy a 3D printer and create their own jewelry, home décor, replacement parts and items for use in everyday life. You can even start a home-based business with your unique 3D printer creations.

Still not sure why 3D printer products are so popular? See for yourself. Come join the Kraftwurx online printing community, and bring your ideas to life today.


Quick and Easy 3D Model Printing

Need a product model for an upcoming sales meeting? Want to have a prototype on hand to show potential investors? While normally this would take months of work using a traditional manufacturing plant, with 3D model printing, you can have a prototype or model produced in a matter of days-and at a fraction of the cost.

3D Model Printing with Kraftwurx

3D model printing offers a fast, affordable and convenient way of producing small-scale models, sales tools, replicas and prototypes. It cuts down on the high costs of labor, equipment and power that come with traditional manufacturing methods, and it offers a production process that shaves months off turnaround time.

If you need a 3D model or prototype for your business, here’s the process for 3D model printing through Kraftwurx:

1.Log on to the Kraftwurx online community.
2.Post your model to our forums, and look for 3D printing professionals who can help bring your idea to life.
3.Work with a 3D designer to create a computer-aided design (CAD) of your model.
4.Once the design is ready, upload it to the Kraftwurx Digital Factory.
5.Order your model, and we’ll have it printed at a 3D printing location near you for faster delivery and reduced shipping costs that won’t cut into your bottom line.
6.Finally, we’ll ship your finalized 3D model to you. It’ll be available for your upcoming sales meeting, pitch or trade show to draw in potential customers and partners.

If you’re looking for quick, easy and affordable 3D model printing, look no further than Kraftwurx. We can help you design and produce a high-quality model at a fraction of the time and cost of other manufacturing methods. Contact us today at 281-256-9737281-256-9737 to learn more.

Need Rapid Manufacturing – A 3D Printer Can Help

When you need products manufactured quickly, you can’t turn to traditional manufacturing methods. Those can take months or even years to set up, fine-tune and start producing. Plus, they’re extremely costly, with labor, equipment, power and other expenses. Unless you have a hefty budget, it all can become overwhelming fast. If you need rapid manufacturing and want to keep operating costs low, there’s only one answer: use a 3D printer.

A 3D printer can provide manufacturing services faster, cheaper and easier than traditional methods. Altogether, a 3D printer can:

•Produce short-run products in a matter of days
•Allow for customized, highly detailed designs
•Utilize hundreds of materials and bases so you can choose what’s best for your product and budget
•Let you produce your products locally, cutting down on shipping and freight costs
•Allow for small-scale models, prototypes and cut-away views
•Save on large-scale machinery and equipment costs since all you need is a 3D printer or printing service
•Completely eliminate the need for inventory since you only manufacture products on demand
•Save time and money every step of the way

If you’re testing and finalizing new products, the rapid manufacturing capabilities of a 3D printer can help there, too. Instead of testing a product, making design changes and waiting months until a new prototype is manufactured, you can produce a new one in just days. This quickens the testing process significantly and allows you to get your products in customers’ hands faster and more affordably.

Need Rapid Manufacturing?

Do you need your products manufactured quickly? Then traditional methods aren’t going to cut it. Opt for a 3D printing service, and enjoy rapid manufacturing at a fraction of the cost and time. Contact Kraftwurx today to get started.

3D Printing Service Saves You Money

Traditional manufacturing methods are expensive. You have machinery to buy, a facility to power and an entire staff to pay. To top it off, traditional manufacturing is slow, too! Wouldn’t it be great if there was a faster, more effective-and most importantly-more affordable way to manufacture products? Fortunately, with a 3D printing service, there is.

A 3D printing service can provide you and your company with a manufacturing method that won’t break the bank, and here’s why:

You won’t have the high overhead costs of a manufacturing facility. There are no expensive labor costs, no steep power bills and no large-scale machinery or equipment to purchase. All you need is a 3D printing provider, and you can have your product manufactured in a matter of days.
You’ll have lower shipping and customs costs. The beauty of 3D printing is that it can be done virtually anywhere in the world. That means if your customer orders a product from their home in Japan, it can be produced in a 3D printing facility right in their area. This cuts down on shipping and customs costs and helps get the product to the customer more quickly.
You won’t have any waste. 3D printing is an additive manufacturing method, meaning only the necessary materials are used. There is no waste produced as in traditional manufacturing methods, and because of this, you won’t have to foot the bill for waste transport or disposal-another big way to save money.
You won’t have upfront inventory costs. With 3D printing, the need for inventory disappears. A 3D printing service allows you to offer your products in an on-demand capacity. Only manufacture them once they’ve been ordered! This eliminates upfront inventory costs and storage expenses.

Are you looking for a manufacturing method that won’t empty your pockets? Then a 3D printing service may be right for you. Contact Kraftwurx today to learn about our 3D printing technology and how we can help your business.